Fraticelli Friday – Featuring a track from As Human from 2008


As Human – Kilo (2008)

With so many exciting things coming in the near future, it makes me enjoy looking into the past. For the next several weeks I will be re releasing a track from one of my previous groups every Friday entitled Fraticelli Friday. I hope you enjoy and thanks to anyone out there who might be listening!

Excitement for the future and appreciation for the past makes me feel at home in the present.

As Human’s title track As Hwuman (that’s not a typo) in my opinion is the track that really defined the band. The heart of the song was brought in by Christina (Ryat) and in our typical fashion everyone added, re-sculpted, and collaborated together to shape the composition into what it became. This song was about us seeing our parents as the human beings they really are, but also as beautiful at the same time. We played this song many many times and it gave me chills every time we played it.

Ryat – Vocals and Effects
Tim Conley – Guitar
Dion Paci – Guitar
Jason Fraticelli – Upright Bass
Tony Catastrophe – Drums