Fraticelli Friday (week 4) Featuring “South Carolina Song” from 2005

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June 3, 2016
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June 17, 2016

Fraticelli Friday (week 4) Featuring “South Carolina Song” from 2005


With so many exciting things coming in the near future, it makes me enjoy looking into the past. For the next several weeks I will be re releasing a track from one of my previous groups every Friday entitled Fraticelli Friday. I hope you enjoy and thanks to anyone out there who might be listening!

Excitement for the future and appreciation for the past makes me feel at home in the present.

So it was about 10 years ago when I wrote and recorded this song. I had just met my now wife Lila, and at the time she already had plans to move to South Carolina. We were spending a lot of time together and it was starting to really tear me up that she was eventually moving, so I wrote this little tune, recorded it, and then gave it to her on a cd and wrote Naked Jason on it because it was just me and an acoustic guitar. Ha.. who knows what she thought was on there, but it definitely felt pretty vulnerable to give it to her considering I never really sang anything like that before, and at the same time I felt so excited and proud. Today I’m thinking it worked out ok, because she never did move, we eventually got married, we have our baby girl on the way in September, and our 6 year old son Oscar just graduated kindergarden today (from the most amazing school we could’ve ever been a part of, Charlestown Playshouse/PLUG :). I’m sure it was more than the song why she stayed, haha, but I put myself out there and it felt pretty great. It’s been a special adventure with this family trio, and more adventure lies ahead. I’m so grateful I had the stones to give this song to her. Listening to it now is inspiring me to put myself out there again by sharing it with you’s. Please enjoy and thanks as always for listening..

Me on Dobro/Resonator Guitar (Owned by Steven Buono) and the vox
Recorded by Tony Flagiello