Fraticelli Friday (week 5)- Featuring a track from Oudblues (2007)

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June 10, 2016
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June 24, 2016

Fraticelli Friday (week 5)- Featuring a track from Oudblues (2007)


Oudblues – Self Titled (2007)

With so many exciting things coming in the near future, it makes me enjoy looking into the past. For the next several weeks I will be re releasing a track from one of my previous groups every Friday entitled Fraticelli Friday. I hope you enjoy and thanks to anyone out there who might be listening!

Excitement for the future and appreciation for the past makes me feel at home in the present.

This group started shortly after I heard one of my best friends, and roommate at the time, Brian Nadav playing me some of the songs he had been working on. He had just started playing the Oud (a middle eastern instrument) and was starting to write music on it. He was combining his singing with the oud and he was developing a mix of arrangements of traditional balkan type songs, original tunes, and all with this bluesy/Seattle-esque grunge sounding vocal style that he had going on. Some of the songs were just a little bit like what a singer songwriter’s approach might be with an acoustic guitar, but Brian was doing it with a completely different sound by using his Oud. It sounded freakin’ awesome! The sessions were a lot of fun, and I helped Brian a little when it came to arrangement ideas. I sort of took on a bit of an MD role, but at the same time everyone in the band shared ideas on how we could all develop the music. This band got to be super tight. Brian eventually started booking some shows in the Philly and NY areas and named the band Oudblues. These shows were all about the fun and the dancing! It was great! The lineup was at times a seven piece with two horns, bass, drums, percussion, guitar, and Brian on Oud. The record was recorded at Tom Spiker’s studio in Northern Liberties Philadelphia, and it just came together with such amazing energy and spirit! It’s a record that I am super grateful to have been a part of!!! Unfortunately this record can not be found anywhere, or that I know of at the moment. So for now, please enjoy this really fun and unique sound that was the Oudblues…

Brian Nadav – Oud and Vocals
Jon Thompson – Tenor Saxophone
Patrick Hughes – Trumpet
Jason Fraticelli – Upright Bass
Shawn Hennessey – Percussion
Wesley Rast – Drums