Fraticelli Friday (week 2)- Featuring a track from Grandfather Ridiculous circa 2003

Fraticelli Friday – Featuring a track from As Human from 2008
May 20, 2016
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June 3, 2016

Fraticelli Friday (week 2)- Featuring a track from Grandfather Ridiculous circa 2003


With so many exciting things coming in the near future, it makes me enjoy looking into the past. For the next several weeks I will be re releasing a track from one of my previous groups every Friday entitled Fraticelli Friday. I hope you enjoy and thanks to anyone out there who might be listening!

Excitement for the future and appreciation for the past makes me feel at home in the present.

This track was recorded live at XM Satellite Radio studios not too long after their service first launched back in the early 2000’s. This band was the first group that I ever started touring and playing festivals with. It was the band I thought I’d be in forever, one that I thought would take over the world (haha!), and one that I learned a lot of life lessons from. It also showed me what it meant to develop a musical voice individually as well as within a band and how powerful and awesome that could be. We were doing  jazz/funk/drum&bass/electronic way back then and the shows were an absolute blast. This track was one of the most cinematic one’s we did, and it was one of my absolute favorites. Instrumental and piano epic! I think Taylor McFerrin and I started the idea for the song with a backwards sample from Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring and a bass line. Later Joe Ashlar filled it in with the most perfect piano playing you could think of. It’s like the notes just grew there. Perfect. Drummer Nigel Sifantus framed the track with the perfect type of pocket. I never got tired of playing this one..

Taylor McFerrin- Samples and Effects
Joe Ashlar- Piano
Jason Fraticelli- Upright Bass
Nigel Sifantus- Drums