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July 1, 2016



With so many exciting things coming in the near future, it makes me enjoy looking into the past. For the next several weeks I will be re releasing a track from one of my previous groups every Friday entitled Fraticelli Friday. I hope you enjoy and thanks to anyone out there who might be listening!

Excitement for the future and appreciation for the past makes me feel at home in the present.

This track is one that I wrote a few years ago. I wrote it on the cuatro, which for those of you that might not know is a 10 string puerto rican instrument, and it’s an instrument that was taught to me by my grandfather when I was a kid. I stayed in PR for a whole summer with my grandparents one year, and learning this instrument was what I spent almost all of my time doing. When I came back to the states I always kept messing around with it, and then when jazz and improvised music became my obsession years later, I started trying to integrate it into the groups and bands that I was playing with. These days I do a lot of writing on it, and because of my rock upbringing and trip through jazz education in school, I use it with more of a guitar like approach than the traditional style. And it’s so much fun!! A quick funny story… My band did a show one night and at the end of the night the manager came to pay me, and after he handed me the money, he said…. “yeah, man.. jam bands… I love ’em…”. And I thought to myself …ok.. I guess we’re a jam band?.. And of course I said thank you. Well I later listened to this recording of this song Dreamlets, and I started laughing because I was thinking, you know what.. I think that guy was right, and we definitely sound like a jam band on this tune. Haha.. hey good music is good music, right? I just hope this holds up enough to be in the good category. I absolutely love this melody, and playing this song is always a blast! Hope you enjoy and thanks to anyone who might be listening….

Jason Fraticelli – Cuatro
John Stenger – Keyboards
Jon Thompson – Sax
Dion Paci – Bass
Tony Catastrophe – Drums