Oudblues – Self Titled (2007)

Brentwood Estates (2008)
December 16, 2015
Captain Somebody – When We Get Together (2007)
December 16, 2015

Oudblues - Self Titled (2007)

Oudblues – Self Titled (2007)

Brian Nadav- Oud, Vocals, and the Songs
Jon Thompson- Tenor Saxophone
Patrick Hughes- Trumpet
Jason Fraticelli- Upright Bass
Shawn Hennessey- Percussion
Wesley Rast- Drums
(middle eastern/balkan/gypsy dance/bluesy grunge)

So one day my friend and roommate, Brian, asks me to listen to some new songs he wrote on this new instrument that he had been messing around with, the oud. It sounded like middle eastern Alice in Chains. It was awesome! He quickly put together a group and we started working on arrangements. After several shows the studio session was booked at Tom Spiker’s studio in Northern Liberties, Philadelphia, and shortly after, this record was finished. To this day the group continues to play sporadically in the cities of Philly and New York.