The Cell Theory – Memory is Energy (2008)

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December 16, 2015
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December 16, 2015

The Cell Theory - Memory is Energy (2008)

The Cell Theory – Memory is Energy (2008)

Taylor McFerrin- Keyboards, Electronics, and Production
Jason Fraticelli- Electric Bass
Nigel Sifantus- Drums and Electronics
(electronica/jazz trio)

The Cell Theory – After the disbanding of L Maestro Presents, the three of us, Nigel, Taylor, and myself were dead set on finally putting out a record with just the trio. We had been playing between the both cities doing places like the Blue Note in New York, and a long time residency at the Aqua Lounge in Philadelphia. This recording is a combination of some older stuff that we had recorded years earlier, new stuff that we were writing at the time, and some improvised compositions as well. A lot of it was recorded in our apartment in Fort Greene, Brooklyn. It was produced by Taylor himself and was a scaled down selection of a ton of music that we had.