Shadowdance – Ageless (2000)

Russ Friend- Vocals
Carlos Alvarez- Guitar, Bass, Backing Vocals, Keyboards
Brad Stuart- Bass
Jason Fraticelli- Drums
(power metal)

I had worked with Carlos Alvarez writing and playing ever since I was around 16 years old. Through the time we spent working together, we had gone through a few different versions of bands, such as Apostle of Sin (death metal), Suffer System (progressive thrash) and finally resting their heels of writing music with-in Shadowdance (power metal). This venture through the variety of styles of heavy metal music, I found myself exploring my abilities on drums and trying to channel influences from metal drummers such as Gene Hoglan (Death) and David Lombardo (Slayer). This record was recorded at Greg Frey’s (manager for Ween) Graphic Sound Studios in Ringoes, NJ, was released by Monumental Group in 2000, and was the culmination of years of collaborative work between myself and Alvarez.