Minds In time – By the Numbers (2014)


I had been working with Patrick Parker for a little while. I met him through drummer Tony Catastrophe, and Patrick helped me record and produce my first solo EP. He started to get the itch to start a project with all of his own production. Dai Miyazaki was a philly based guitarist, had been touring a lot with Lauryn Hill, and had been working with Patrick and myself through different projects. Dai and I would come over and just basically record on top of whatever tracks Patrick had ready, Patrick would then choose how to add what we did to his production, and this record is the first production that resulted from that process. These sessions were super fun and easy in the sense that Dai and I got to just play what we naturally felt and heard with the music. Every time we would look to Patrick to see if he was into what we were doing he’d just be smiling in approval saying “Well I think we’re good on that one!”. There is a new record in the works with this project and should hopefully be done within 2016.